Caucasian Honeybees

(Caucasian honeybees are dark gray to black with lighter gray stripes on the abdomen. Queens and drones have dark gray to black abdomens.)

Caucasians honeybees (Apis mellifera caucasica)

Less commonly used are Caucasian honey bees, developed in the Caucasus Mountains of Eastern Europe. They reproduce very slow in the spring and react well to available resources during the summer. Like Carniolans, they respond to winter by reducing their population and using honey stores sparingly. But because they build slowly, they swarm later in the spring than either their Italian honeybees or Carniolan honeybees cousins.

Caucasians honeybees are extremely gentle to work and are quiet on the comb when being examined. However, they tend to be susceptible to diseases, especially nosema. They also use propolis in every place you can imagine, which makes working your hive extremely difficult.

Caucasian honeybee workers are dark gray, with light gray stripes on their abdomens and sometimes brown spot. Queens and drones are dark, like Carniolans.

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