Carniolan Honeybees

Carniolan honeybees are dark with brownish to dark gray stripes. Queens and drones have nearly black abdomens.)

Carniolan honeybees developed in northern part of south- Eastern Europe in the area of the Carniolan Alps, including parts of Austria, Slovenia, and areas north and east of that region. The mountainous terrain and somewhat unpredictable environment prepared these bees to survive cold winters and to react to quickly changing weather and seasons. As result, they react quickly when favorable weather arrives in the spring, increasing their population rapidly and swarming early to take advantage of a short season. During the summer, they take advantage of the abundant food, but if drought or other unfavorable conditions arise they can slow their activity just as rapidly. When fall approaches, they slow their activity even more, and during the winter they survive with a small population and consume significantly less food than they do during the growing season.

Carniolans, unlike Italians, are dark in color. The workers are dark gray to black, with gray stripes on the abdomen. The queens are all black, and compared side by side, not as large as Italians queens. Drones are large and have all – black abdomens.

These are the gentlest of all the honey bees. They are quiet on the comb when the beekeeper examines frames, and they tolerate typical beekeeper management duties. They also use propolis sparingly and tend to be a bit more forgiving in situations where burr comb normally can be used.

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